Any type of Businesses We provide   -   Short term working capital Start from $10,000 to 1 million   -   Working capital for long term Start from $300,000 to 5 million

Target market

The target client for this service is a Business Loan with

Lower floor: 12 full-time W-2 employees (anything smaller likely isn’t worth the effort).

Upper ceiling: 500 full-time W-2 employees (anything bigger isn’t eligible for the ERC).

Best Prospect: 300 - 500 employees

NOTE: 95% of current clients have taken part in the Payroll Protection Program (PPP)

The industry verticals that we have had success with to date are:

  • Restaurants
  • Gyms / fitness centers
  • Spas / salons / massage stores
  • Daycare centers / education centers / behavioral centers
  • Hotels
  • Healthcare organizations: Inpatient/outpatient clinics / large specialty practices (orthopedist, urology, dermatologist), as well as ALFs, home healthcare, and more
  • Professional services: providers (e.g., medical as most medical offices qualify under non-elected procedures)


Restricted Industries:

Construction, real estate, software - the stuff that boomed during the pandemic.